The World's Best Medical

We are performing the role of a bridge between reputable medical facilities and people who are searching for high-quality medical services at reasonable prices.

DOZENSTARS means "twelve stars".

Like a cluster of stars in the night time sky,
DOZENSTARS will shed light on the darkness, and lead you and yours on the path to good health.

Mighty Passion
Passion with might and soul; making sacrifices today for a better tomorrow; heading for the top in earnest

We are creating a new business model by exploring new profitable business areas for the sustainable growth of the company, and will become a growth model by pursuing legitimate business interests.

We put people before profits and are interested in the lives and growth of each individual member, and we will always seek to grow together with our business partners.

We will seek out a diversity of partners on the global scale, and will expand our business activites throughout the world in cooperation with them, as well as develop cooperative business models using a variety of methods.