The personal information of members is handled in accordance with the following rules.

First, the personal information required at sign up is kept to a minimum.

  • You are able to use an alias to sign up, and we do not require that you provide us with any personally identifiable information such as passport number, social security number, etc.
  • However, we do need to ensure that the email address you provide at sign up is authentic in order to notify you of important information.

Second, the history of the information you provide will be deleted after a certain period of time.

  • Members' history charts are saved on the system for 90 days after registration after which they are automatically deleted.
  • Even if your history data are deleted, you can re-register and use the same data again. If you re-register, your information will be held for 90 days again.
  • Members must begin consultations with a hospital within 90 days of history data registration.
  • However, once copies of history data have been transferred to a hospital or agency, the copy is handled at the hospital or agency, and will not be deleted even though the member's data has been erased from our systems. The decision to delete or keep copied or translated data is at the discretion of the pertinent hospital or agency.

Third, members' personal information will no be disclosed to any third party excepting hospitals and agencies with whom the member engages in consultation with. However, translations of the history chart may be used by a specialist company.

  • The member's information is sent to hospitals and/or agencies that the member has consulted with on the system, and the responsibility of managing personal information is on the pertinent hospital or agency. Members' information is not shared with any other third parties.
  • However, translation of your history chart may be done by a medical tourism specialist company designated by the Korean government rather than the pertinent hospital in accordance with the conditions and policies of the hospital applied to for consultation.
  • Translated charts may also be used when the member consults with other hospitals or agencies.
  • If there is an exceptional request for disclosure of information in accordance with the enforcement of local law for each country, the pertinent institution may disclose information to the appropriate authorities. In addition, non-identifiable information may be collected, processed, and disclosed to a third party for the purpose of statistics (For example, information on nationality, gender, age, disease, hospital visited, etc. for the purpose of statistics).

Fourth, if a member does not sign in for a long period of time, that member's registered information may be deleted.

  • You can delete membership information(including the ID) of those who have not logged in your system for three years.
  • The deleted ID can be used by other members.