Now you can consult directly with reputable hospital around the world!

WorldBestMed helps you easily find medical institutions with high-level medical technology as well as excellent medical services at reasonable prices.

First, register your chart.

There are three kinds of charts: health check, treatment, and cosmetic surgery charts. Please select and fill in the chart you want. Of course, you can select more than one chart. It is also helpful to fill out the chart/s in as much detail as possible to facilitate consultations with medical teams. You can also register other people's charts on their behalf in addition to your own.

Second, select a hospital.

You can search for hospitals by country and specialty. Carefully look over the information on the hospital's introduction page. It is especially helpful to check out how other people have rated the hospital. And don't forget to look at the hospital's promotional material.

Third, submit your chart to your selected hospital/s.

Once you have chosen a hospital, you can submit your previously registered chart to the hospital. If you need your chart translated, it will take some time to have this done. You can check the status of the translation of your chart in the 'My Consultations' page. Of course, you can consult with several hospitals at once.

Fourth, consult with your selected hospital/s.

Once translation of your chart is complete, a separate top menu will appear on the 'My Consultations' page. Now you can begin consulting with hospitals. If you have any queries on prices, treatment processes, etc., please make these to the hospital. Also, be sure to check what the hospital's preparations are for medical emergencies. Consultations are available in English and all other languages.

Fifth, make an appointment and visit the hospital.

Make an appointment with a hospital after counseling and visit the hospital on the day. Afterward, the hospital will provide you the best treatment. If you want other sevices than the medical one, contact your agency.