We offer special benefits to you in commemoration of the opening of WBM.
If you make a reservation for a medical institution through WBM, we will refund 5% of the total cost of hospital charges in cash.

The services you will receive and the cost of medical services at the medical institution will be exactly the same whether you personally make a reservation by calling the medical institution over the phone or through e-mail, or through WBM. However, you will get a 5% refund if you reserve through WBM.

However, the following conditions must be satisfied:

  1. (reservation through other means such as telephone, e-mail and agency, etc. will not be accepted).)
    • Reservation procedure: Discuss the date of reservation with the medical institution (use WBM chatting, telephone and/or email, etc.) -> Transmission of the date of reservation to the member by the medical institution through WBM -> Members click the confirmation button for the reservation date (in the 'My Consultation' page) -> Completion of reservation (can be checked in the 'My Schedule' page)

    • Honest comments on the treatment regardless of whether the treatment was good or bad.

    • Link address to be shared: Copy the event link and register with SNS ->
    • Register the shared SNS page address in the refund application form to show that registration has been made with SNS.
  1. Reserve medical institution through WBM
  2. Visit and receive treatment at medical institution
  3. Secure receipt for the treatment cost paid upon completion of treatment
  4. Upload and register postscript with WBM + Share event in SNS
  5. Fill out refund application form: Attach receipt for treatment cost, register the bank account for remittance of cash refund and register in the SNS sharing page
  6. Receive cash
  • The hospital charges used to compute the amount of refund refer to the actual cost of treatment, surgery and hospitalization incurred at the corresponding hospital regardless of whether you are an outpatient or hospitalized patient. Costs incurred outside the hospital, including the cost of drugs and interpretation, are not included in the hospital charges.
  • You must present the medical receipt for the hospital charges you paid.
  • Refund amount can only be remitted into the bank account registered in the application form and the name of the holder of the said bank account can differ from the name of the applicant.
  • In the event of remittance to overseas bank account, amount after the deduction of remittance and foreign exchange service charges will be remitted.
  • In the event of having had the 10% VAT from the Korean government after having undergone cosmetic surgery, 5% of the treatment cost after the deduction of this 10% VAT will be refunded.
  • Once refund is applied, remittance will be made by the 20th ~ 25th of the month that immediately follows the month of application for refund.
  • If the amount of refund to be made is less than KRW 50,000, remittance will only be made to banks in Korea.