Medical VISA

If you need a visa to visit Korea, we will issue Medical Tour Visa Certification (Medical VISA).
You can have the visa issued at the local Korean Embassy or Consulate General with this Visa Certification.

Please apply after having checked the following conditions:

  1. Requisite documents
    • Copy of passport: If the period of validity of the passport has been extended, you need to make a copy of the page that indicates the duration of extension.
    • Color photo of applicant: Half the size of a business card
    • Certificate of reservation for medical institution: Apply to the medical institution directly (use the communication window for the medical institution)
      You can apply for the certificate of reservation after having provided our information (chart) to the medical institution. Once the certificate of reservation is issued by the medical institution, you can check the certificate of reservation in the "Chart Consultation" page ('My Consultation'->'Chart Consultation')
    • Certificate of family relationship between the patient and guardian if there is a guardian (English): Only the parents and siblings of the patient will be recognized as the guardians.
    • Certificate of bank balance: The balance must be in excess of the anticipated cost of treatment.
    • Statement of details of bank account transactions over the most recent 3 months
    • Visa application form: Download (United States of America (the) English,  China Chinese,  Mongolia Mongolian)

  2. Cost
    • Visa application fee is KRW 70,000 per person.
    • Depending on the situation, there may be a security deposit for the visa, which ranges KRW 5,000,000 ~ 10,000,000 per person. The amount of the security deposit for the visa is determined by the conditions of the applicant.

  3. Time taken
    • Results of the visa application will be available within 1~2 weeks after the submission of application in general. (It may differ depending on the workload of the Immigration Office.)

  4. Procedures
    • Visa application Pay visa application fee Visa application Examination of application Issuance of Visa Certification Pay security deposit for visa (if needed) Deliver Visa Certification Visit the local Korean diplomatic office with Visa Certification Issuance of visa
      * Color distinction: Applicant, WBM, Immigration Office

  5. Miscellaneous issues
    • Visa applications may be rejected in accordance with the past entry and exit record of the applicant (example, record of illegal stay in Korea).
    • Make sure to have sufficient consultation prior to submission of application since the application fee is not refunded even if the application is rejected.
    • The security deposit for the visa will be refunded into the bank account you designate within 3 days (excluding weekends and holidays) of confirmation of return to your native country following the completion of medical treatment by the applicant (applicant will bear the cost of remittance and foreign exchange service charges).

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